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Senior Security Engineer (2019 to current)

With the lateral move as architect at the product engineering department to the internal security department, I was able to apply much of the same principals of standardization and automation to Leaseweb’s internal office network. The internal network suffered from the rapid growth of the company and felt like the right challenge.


Keywords: Palo Alto, NGN Firewalling, VPN, User-ID, Ansible, Automation, SecOps, ISO/SOC, PKI

Infrastructure Architect (2016 to 2019)

The role of Infrastructure Architect is one with focus on technical expertise. Your responsibilities include defining the systems architecture vision, strategy and technical solutions for all product engineering teams and integrate with the development roadmap. Align all the teams on the existing architecture and defined the new standards. Focus on automation and scalability. Coordinate incidents across departments. Function as the last line escalation point for all teams and help train the engineers.

Keywords: Design, Scalability, Training, Operations

Hosting Operations Engineer (2011 to 2015)

As a Hosting Operations Engineer (formerly known as Technical Support) you are responsible for all customer facing hosting platforms (DNS, Email, Web) and its infrastructure. In this role my focus is at the design and security of the existing setups and new designs. In the last 6 months of this position Leaseweb as an organization moved to an agile way of working. Merging the former Hosting Engineers with with the Software Developers, forming the Product Engineering team. Together you are operationally responsible for the applications and platforms in order to make sure that Leaseweb’s products and services are available to our customers. Test, deploy, administer, monitor and maintain the infrastructure.


Keywords: HAProxy, Apache, NginX, FreeBSD, CARP, Debian, Ubuntu, Plesk, MySQL, MSSQL, Windows Server, JunOS, IOS, (Open)VPN, SSL, Network (layer 2–7).

Provisioning Engineer (2009 to 2011)

As a provisioning engineer at Leaseweb, your main focus is at the delivery of Bare Metal and Colocation services, as well as new datacenter POP deployments.


Keywords: BareMetal, Colocation, Automatic provisioning, Datacenter Infrastructure, Network (layer 1)

ByteSheep Services

Owner (2015 to current)

ByteSheep Services is my own company. Started from the typical “can you host my website” friends and family service. My passion for radio quickly added streaming as a new service. With the trials of DAB+ broadcasting in the Netherlands I have teamed up with RF experts to form DAB Partners. Where I provide DAB+ supporting services such as streaming, trans-coding, multiplexing, content delivery and transmission line monitoring. As well as supporting on-site installation of the equipment, network and wireless transmission equipment.

Keywords: DAB+, Long Range WiFi, Icecast, Docker, Kubernetes, InfluxDB, LAMP, Mail


Co-Owner (2014 to current)

Branching off the photography hobby, together with a fellow photographer, who was already doing timelapses at Bevrijdingspop, we gave it a live twist. Our service provides a high quality timelapse with the latest live image and periodically generated video accessible per API. To provide this, we build custom hardware to control the DSLR coupled with an API to ingest and process the images. The delivery is done trough a scalable CDN.

Keywords: PHP, Python, Raspberry, Hardware, WiFi, CDN

ZFM Zandvoort

Chief Technical Officer (2013 to current) (volunteering position)

A local radio station is a combination of mostly analog audio equipment and a digital backbone. Combining this with the transmission equipment, there is a broad spectrum of technologies to be maintained. We also develop custom hardware as needed. The network includes broadcasting systems, transmission monitoring, desktop environment and PBX systems. Broadcasting is also performed in external locations, introducing p2p audio transmissions and mobile studios.

Keywords: Audio Processing, PBX, HAM, Transmission, Circuit Repair/Design

Ground Control Show

Stage Technician 2008

Working in a small team, you are self sufficient and responsible for transport, setup and operation of all equipment that is needed at a particular show. The contracts varied from small garden events to Mystery Land and Rockit Open Air. Setups including Sound, Light and Rigging. The irregular working hours, troubleshooting on demand (with the tools and people at hand) and variety of venues still intrigue me today.

Keywords: Aviolite, Midas, DMX

Ökotest Germany

Graphical Design (Internship) 2006

This internship was supposed to get my feet wet in graphics design and learn some more about frontend work. However it turned out, that my interest seemed to be more about figuring out how the systems are connected, the network arranged and the flow of project data between the different departments was set up.

Keywords: Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Collor Correction, Font Design

System Administrator (Internship) 2007

This second internship was now focused on the system administration in the office environment. Their environment was based on Windows XP desktops, Samba 3 domain, and Gentoo servers. Combined with specialty software for the image database and various Adobe packages.

Keywords: Samba, Windows Domains, Desktop Administration

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